Angkor Wat Tour –

The Angkor Wat can be defined as one of the most fabulous tourism objects in the world that you have to visit. This object can offer you the unique design and amazing view that will definitely make you feel mesmerized greatly. Even, it has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the heritage sites of the world. So then, it is actually no wonder that this site can attract so many tourists from around the world every single year. Aside of that, the Angkor Wat can also offer you a very nice tour package that will allow you to explore the most interesting spot of the temple.


The tour begins from angkor holiday hotel

There are so many various options of the angkor paradise hotel that can offer you the tour package in order to get around the Angkot Wat site. So, it is so important for you to choose a particular hotel that can offer you that program. So then, you will be able to begin the tour from the hotel where you stay. By doing so, the tour agency that works together with the hotel will be able to provide the best guide for you. The best thing about it is that you do not even have to wait for the guide because he will be waiting for you at the lobby of the hotel and ready to begin the tour on the right time.

Then, when the tour has been begun, the guide will start to give you some explanations about the important information related to the site, which can be ranging from the history to the interesting facts of Angkor Wat. All of them will make you know the temple better, so that you can see the true beauty and the aura of the temple. Thus, you will love this temple even more after you finish the tour.

Furthermore, you can find and come to the restaurant near the Angkor Wat after you have finished the tour. Most of the restaurants and cafes will not only be able to offer you distinctive traditional food, but also a wonderful decoration that can please your eyes in the best way possible. So then, you will find that those restaurants can make you feel so comfortable and comfy while you are enjoying your dish. In addition, there are some restaurants that can provide you the best spot where you can enjoy the magnificent angkor wat sunrise. So, you can have a special time at your breakfast time.

Why Langkawi Island is for You –

Since sea, sand and sun would never get us to boring, Langkawi Island is for sure another great place to go. This is a site of ninety nine islands that composed a beautiful archipelago. Low tide reveals an extra five islands. This site is located in the Andaman Sea, sort of thirty km away from the north western Malaysia mainland coast. It is claimed to be a site that is rarely explored, with several numbers of the island are said as virgin land. Administratively, it is a part of Kedah state, which is very close to Thai border. Langkawi Permata Kedah is a name given by Sultan Abdul Halim on his Golden Jubilee Celebration in 15 July 2008.


Langkawi Attractions

If you are one interested in wild adventures; which one of them are taking adventure to the most far island where there are only you and the nature, then Langkawi Permata Kedah is for you to go. The largest island there is only populated by some 94,777 population. Not really far away there is an island that is almost or clearly inhabited, or in other words is with no population. These are truly Langkawi attractions that has calling for so many travellers both from domestic and worldwide. Yet, if you somehow miss sort of the civilization while you are in Langkawi, you can also get there not too far away since Langkawi is also an administrative district. Kuah town serves as both its capital and largest town.

Langkawi vacation is pretty challenging, yet would not get you into difficulties that are not neccesarry. The facilitation is there. Langkawi International Airport will take you to and from there. Various flights will serve your journey here either from Singapore, Thailand or Malaysia, while more and more point is going to be established. If you want a casual yet memorable journey, you can take flights. Yet, if you want some challenge, for sure you can choose backpacker style your own way.

And, if talking about getting to Langkawi cheap hotel, it is one you should not worry about. Both local and central government are really committed to make Langkawi one of Malaysia’s wonderful tourism destinations. If you are one who prefer standardize hotels, for sure you can get it here. If you are one who prefer casual stay in the middle of the nature, you will figure out that Langkawi offers the best site for you.

Breathtaking Natural View Of Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park Thailand –

Another place to not be missed with awe-inspiring view is Mu Ang Thong National Marine Park where travelers can experience magnificent archipelago that becomes the signature of the national Marine park. The island is easy to reach from one to another, as the distance is narrow. Nevertheless, you can visit the marine park from Ko Samui or it neighboring areas. Within about forty-island that is spread around the National, if you look for Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park accommodation, you will find it only on Ko Wu Talap where you can find hotels, information center, restaurants, and more.


Tips When Traveling Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park

Search around about Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park accommodation, you should know that in the way to have permission to enter the island, you should have ticket. Only for international travelers, the ticket costs 300 Thai Baht for adults, in addition if you bring children, then you have to add 150 Thai Baht. Preventing yourself from scam, ensure that you only buy the ticket through licensed traveling agency. Put this on your mind, the price of the ticket is not including with other expenses such as the boat and the accommodation like hotels and so on.

Simply say, if you find that there is travel agent that offers super cheap Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park accommodation, you better be cautious, as you may get yourself into the trap. Spending your time in national park, you can enjoy the whole island through the national park viewpoint, and  yes, the view is mind blowing. Travelers can choose whether they want to spend time in the main island that offers two beaches which you can explore the two of them alternately. Or else, you can find your secret beach through smaller islands there.

Snorkeling is recommended activity while spending your time in there for the beautiful coral reef as you can find them in any beaches within the National park. Or, you can choose kayaking. Getting to the National Marine Park, you can choose ferry or speedboat. The good thing about traveling by ferry is you can save more for cheap ticket, however it takes so much time. Whilst when it comes to speedboat, you can cut down the time, but you have to pay more. In addition, you better not expect something like fancy accommodation, since most hotels there provide only basic Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park accommodation.

Tips for Traveling With Baby –

While having baby in your life, usually it is one of the obstacles for you to go travel with your family. However, if you are traveler lovers, you should not feel so worry about it because you still have chance to traveling around the world even if you have a baby with you. There are many people who are willing to travel but they have babies so they just prefer to wait until their kids grow. Well, you should not wait for longer time because it just makes you can’t get the euphoria of the holiday if you postpone it later. Even if you have babies, you just need to know about the tips for traveling with baby that you can apply for your holiday.


There are many tips that you can get if you want to traveling with baby, you just need to sort of what kind of tips that will work well for you as well as work well for your babies. You also as parents should think about your babies, not only your holiday times. There are many try:

  1. You need to sort of the baby things that you want to bring to traveling.
  2. After you have arrived to the hotels or another place to stay, you should place off everything you bring as if you place it in your home. You should make it feels as your own home to ensure your baby will feel so comfort too.
  3. You also can bring the toys for your babies and place them in one corner to support that your place to stay feels like home.
  4. Your babies need nap, but you should not watch them snooze every afternoon, you can walk by carry your baby with the stroller and let them sleep by themselves.
  5. You also should know that usually the babies got hard to sleep in a new place, so you should be smart in thinking about their place to sleep. You can use the portable travel bed the day before you are going to travel and leave them a night, it will make you can feel so comfy while you are traveling. You also should stick to their routine activities, for bed, bath, eat, and many more.

Those are the important tips for you if you want to go traveling with baby. You can try to follow those tips right away and see if your baby can enjoy the holiday as you do or not.


Time To Find How To Get Cheap Last Minute Flights –

Ticket prices tend not stable. When several occasions, prices can soar and will make your head spin. To solve it, we would normally order advance tickets prior to departure date. By ordering tickets in advance, we can get stable prices. But what if we book air tickets with dates that tend to be too close? We will usually be able to get tickets but the price is too high, may even be able to make us vomit blood. For that, we should as much as possible avoid to book a ticket with a date too close, especially in the case of last minute. We will find it hard to think of how to get cheap last minute flights.


Although we already have anticipation, sometimes we are forced to look for tickets at the last minute. Various reasons can be the cause of this. Maybe some of us are forced to find a flight at the last minute due to forgetting, the reason suddenly from a client or a variety of other reasons that can not be described as complicated. Basically, there is similarities fate here. We will be forced to buy tickets at the last minute. When this happens, most likely we’ll get a plane ticket at a high price. Then the question will arise among us (for those who are still struggling to get cheap tickets at the last minute), how to get cheap last minute flights?

Some of us may have been doing a variety of searches on various sites on how to get cheap tickets at this time. Some of us look for this to be a reference, while others are those who are experiencing pressure in the last minute. Various suggestions were given from various sites tend to be complicated and not always successful. Some flights will remain on the line to raise the price if we booked tickets for less than 3 weeks before the flight. This is true especially if we book tickets directly on a flight providers. When I was at the last minute, do you ever consider using the services of travel sites? In this condition, the actual travel sites can give you the best deals. Some travel sites will probably still raise the price at the last minute, but not the least travel sites tend to be more stable whenever you book a ticket and for whenever you will fly. You may also be lucky when you’re at the last minute, you will find sites that are flying gives a discount on the flight you need. It requires luck of a few generations, though. But if you need a ticket at the last minute, a travel site may indeed be the answer for how to get cheap last minute flights. For example like : , , , , etc.

Tips in How to Travel Alone –

Do a single travel is not a sad traveling at all. Well, if you want do the traveling alone, you will get more peace inside you and you will be the one who has the responsibility for yourself. You have to prove that you can take care yourself by doing the traveling alone. Traveling alone is about all of you. You can do whatever you want without worrying about the others waiting you with a crown face. If you have decided want to traveling alone, you should be careful because you will visit the city which has different culture from you and you should understand about it. You need to respect to them to ensure that your traveling will be safe from any kind of bad things. In order to, you need to read about tips in how to travel alone that will make you can feel so confident in doing it.

Woman on a tropical beach jetty at Maldives

Woman on a tropical beach jetty at Maldives

There are many tips in how to travel alone that you can follow and apply it directly while you are traveling. But, you just need to know some important tips of them that will make your solo traveling successfully. First of all, you need to know about the culture of city destination that you want to go to. You can do a small research, learn it, and also understand it. If you want to learn something new, you can learn about their language, especially for the daily expression that usually they use. It will show you that you are respect to them. Second, you need to understand that solo traveling and being a tourist is different. You should not act like a tourist like wearing Disney t-shirt, reading a guidebook in your face, or acting such as a tourist. You should avoid it to ensure that you will be safe until the last day.

Third, you have to avoid in wearing an interesting thing such as jewelries, non-common outfits or it is like you have no idea about their culture and you just wear the cloth that you have. You should not attract the attention to avoid bad things happen to you. Fourth, you should keep yourself in the public and open places to ensure that you can go walking by yourself and you should not show that you are alone. Never figure out that you are alone. Lie a little to ask the direction, it is okay. That is the tips in how to travel alone.