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Since sea, sand and sun would never get us to boring, Langkawi Island is for sure another great place to go. This is a site of ninety nine islands that composed a beautiful archipelago. Low tide reveals an extra five islands. This site is located in the Andaman Sea, sort of thirty km away from the north western Malaysia mainland coast. It is claimed to be a site that is rarely explored, with several numbers of the island are said as virgin land. Administratively, it is a part of Kedah state, which is very close to Thai border. Langkawi Permata Kedah is a name given by Sultan Abdul Halim on his Golden Jubilee Celebration in 15 July 2008.


Langkawi Attractions

If you are one interested in wild adventures; which one of them are taking adventure to the most far island where there are only you and the nature, then Langkawi Permata Kedah is for you to go. The largest island there is only populated by some 94,777 population. Not really far away there is an island that is almost or clearly inhabited, or in other words is with no population. These are truly Langkawi attractions that has calling for so many travellers both from domestic and worldwide. Yet, if you somehow miss sort of the civilization while you are in Langkawi, you can also get there not too far away since Langkawi is also an administrative district. Kuah town serves as both its capital and largest town.

Langkawi vacation is pretty challenging, yet would not get you into difficulties that are not neccesarry. The facilitation is there. Langkawi International Airport will take you to and from there. Various flights will serve your journey here either from Singapore, Thailand or Malaysia, while more and more point is going to be established. If you want a casual yet memorable journey, you can take flights. Yet, if you want some challenge, for sure you can choose backpacker style your own way.

And, if talking about getting to Langkawi cheap hotel, it is one you should not worry about. Both local and central government are really committed to make Langkawi one of Malaysia’s wonderful tourism destinations. If you are one who prefer standardize hotels, for sure you can get it here. If you are one who prefer casual stay in the middle of the nature, you will figure out that Langkawi offers the best site for you.


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