The Historical Kanazawa Castle in Japan –

Some of you will surely love the historical sites to visit during your vacation. If you are looking for one of the best historical site in Japan, then Kanazawa Castle is one nice place that you need to visit. That is because this castle can be considered as one of the biggest and oldest castle that you can find in Japan. Standing still after having some severe fire many times since 15th century, this castle is becoming one of the most historical sites that you can visit in Japan. Therefore, if you say that you are the historical person who loves to visit the historical site, you will need to visit this castle in Japan.


Attractive Parts from Kanazawa Castle

If you are asking why you should go to this place, of course the main thing about this castle is the history itself. From the historical line, this castle has been standing since the 15th century. Even though Kanazawa Castle burned down for many times during those times, the castle is still standing up to this time. In the 19th century, this castle is also used as the main university that you can find in the area. However, some years after that, the university is moved to another place and this castle is becoming one nice historical site that many people visit, not only from Japan, but also from some other countries outside Japan, even Asia.

For your information, the area of the castle is very vast and in this area you will not only be able to find the castle as the main attraction of Kanazawa. That is because there are some other spots and sites that you can visit inside the castle. Some of them are the old rooms that used to be the storage, the storehouse, and many other. As an addition to that, since the latest renovation of this castle, this castle has becoming more and more appropriate for the tourist spot to visit. That is because you can find the nice park where you can rest inside the castle. You can also find the museum where you can find the historical things and stuffs related with the history of this castle. If you are looking for the nice souvenirs to take when you go back home, you can find the Kimono centre where you can get the nice looking Kimono as the traditional clothes of Japan. So, Kanazawa Japan as the historical site is not a mere history after all.


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